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How nice to have you here! I'm Mylène, 21 years old and always looking for the little, magical moments. A cup of tea in the morning sun, walking my dog ​​Toby, catching up with friends or picking up a fresh bunch of flowers.

As a young girl of five I discovered my love for illustration and brought everything I saw in nature to life in small doodles. As I got older I experimented with different techniques, discovering my own style more and more! I dreamed of my own studio, so I could get started with what I love to do, creating illustrations to put a smile on your face!

"With love for nature, soft colors and a lot of enthusiasm I create small moments of happiness on paper"

With love for nature, soft colors and a lot of enthusiasm I create small moments of happiness on paper and Studio Daydream was created in October 2022. Now, as a 21-year-old illustrator and owner of Studio Daydream, I still cherish the passion that was born at such a young age. By turning my passion into my work, I think the 5-year-old me would be very proud with this 'daydream' !


"The Studio Daydream style is sweet, soft and dreamy. I build collections that are connected through colors, typography and atmosphere . I take this into account with every design, even when I illustrate for you! I enjoy small moments of happiness and I have a great love for flowers that are often incorporated into my illustrations as a personal touch . My mission is to share those moments of happiness with you and put a smile on your face, because that is exactly what this work does for me!"

I want to collaborate!

Want to work together or spar with a cup of tea (or coffee)? Let's create some magic!

Are you looking for a personal gift, do you want to surprise someone or do you want to reach your unique customer? As an illustrator I like to create that extra magic for you or your company! Contact us at info@studiodaydream.nl or fill in the contact form.

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